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Tuesday, April 26, 2016
In an attempt to reduce costs for the lodge and help the environment, we will be discontinuing the mailed copy of the Sea Breeze. We will still print paper copies that can be picked up in the social quarters. We have already started the process of e-mailing the Sea Breeze to everyone for which we have a valid e-mail address.
If you would like to receive the Sea Breeze by e-mail, please send an e-mail requesting it to one of the following addresses: 

Ladies: Chapter1983@gmail.com
Men: lodge2367@gmail.com

Please enter "Sea Breeze" in the subject line. And include your full name.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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August has passed and goes on record as one of the hottest throughout the nation. Many of the scheduled events were slower than usual as a result of the intense heat, but the newly introduced JAM SESSION definitely perked things up in the lodge these past few Wednesdays and as a result we are going on with them on each of our coming Wednesdays. Those who have attended are totally satisfied with the music, the atmosphere and the new burst of life it has given to the lodge. The musicians are professional and knowledgeable of all types of music and play it all well. If you haven't attended you owe it to yourself to do so. Food is available with our Executive Chef Joee Micciche doing the cooking of the highest quality and the most reasonable prices of food available in the area. Of course our Bartenders are second to none and prove their abilities with each event by being personable, efficient and quick on the draw with your next request. They include Head Bartender Chris Myrick, Renae Benzevenga and Wade Myrick, all big time music lovers. I don't know how many of you have ever compared the cost of drinks, food and entertainment with other evenings out that you have experienced, but there is no comparison to the inexpensive high quality that is here in your Moose lodge. Think about it, Wednesday night, nothing going on, middle of the week, sitting around the TV watching re-runs OR COME TO THE JAM SESSION AT THE MOOSE LODGE 2367 ON SO. PATRICK DR. AT 7;00 WITH NO ENTRY CHARGE, GREAT FUN, GREAT FOOD, GREAT MUSIC, GREAT ATMOSPHERE AND GREAT PEOPLE. How could you go wrong????

P.S. Notice the great looking parking lot clean up of trees, weeds and debris. All done by lodge Volunteers, Chris Myrick, Fred Sicilia, Vicki Sicilia, Tripp Geyer, Dennis Dolan and Ron Patterson. Also the TIKI BAR area at the rear of the building. They did it all at no cost to the Lodge. Hats off to you all!!!!


Bill Hopkins,

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